Things to do in Peoria AZ

Peoria is a town in Arizona and a major suburb of Phoenix. In a very scenic and picturesque town, the city of Peoria is setting in a flat sloping desert terrain on the side in the River Valley and extending into the mountain foothills on the other.

The beautiful town experienced a few of its own ups and downs when a fire hit the local pool hall and managed to destroy most of the business district. The damage that the fire had done and left to the buildings was so extensive that it has almost finished off the amazing town for good.


However, they did not let that matter bring them down. With all those ill wind; a new era of major, sturdy and attractive construction took in place and matched with their eagerness to re-establish business and WWI new enterprises, the town of Peoria begin to strive again to bring their wondrous city back, for the better. Let us now explore the best things to do in Peoria, AZ.

  1. Family Fun at Rio Vista Recreation Center

    A center that keeps everybody busy and amused, the Rio Vista Recreation Center! You will see within its grounds, a family friendly facility that is a home to indoor racquetball courts, a gym stuffed with a generous amount of equipment including weight machines of various loads, and as well as an impressive rock climbing wall.

    This center is also popular for the younger members of the family. For kids, some of the equipment available for them: water sprinkler swings and monkey bars.

  2. Watch or play ball at Peoria Sports Complex

    The amazing Peoria Sports Complex is a home stadium to the both Seattle Mariners and as well as the San Diego Padres. This is composed of a main baseball stadium with 12 practice fields. Though the stadium is fairly small and this make it great for fans to sit closer to the play action.

  3. The Arizona Broadway Theater

    Treat yourself some theater! Arizona Broadway Theater is a great outlet for theater lovers everywhere. The theater offers a regular and amazing choice of plays, delivered to you in an elegant and sophisticated setting. It’s considered popular as well as a dinner theater, offering one-of-kind cuisines.

  4. The New River Trail

    This New River Trail is a marvellous place for the family to hike and see the nature. With its vehicle-free zone, joggers, walkers, strollers, roller bladders, bicyclists and even equestrians can enjoy the trail. It surely is made to accommodate them.

    This is an 18-mile trail that is aligned parallel to some of the Peoria’s shopping, dining and entertainment spots is completely paved throughout, as well as being well maintained.

    All of these are fun and exciting activities but just a one word of caution; you are walking to an astounding town of Peoria, AZ which means you are walking in a desert environment. So, make sure that you hydrate well your family before starting out and bring lots of water.


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